Hamido (Dearborn, MI)

So I know Dearborn, Michigan isn’t exactly in the south, but I feel I take a little bit of the south with me where ever I travel.

Recently the family and I were in Michigan visiting my grandmother and decided to venture out and try some new restaurants.  We had just watched an episode of Bizarre Foods which showcased Detroit, MI.  I was surprised to learn about all of the culinary surprises in the Detroit metro area.  Since we were only going to be around for a few days, I figured we had to do two things: 1. Get baklava from Shatila Bakery and 2: Find excellent Lebanese food.  Unfortunately we were only able to do one of the two because of time constraints but thankfully Shatila ships their baklava worldwide!

Hamido Meat ShawarmaIn order to fulfill item number 2 we went to Hamido Restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan.  First, let me start by saying initially I was somewhat lukewarm about Lebanese food.  It is good but not finger lickin’ good.  The trip to Hamido totally changed my mind.  Their chicken shawarma, meat shawarma, hommous, baba ghanouj, and French fries were finger lickin’ good!  We ordered the chicken shawarma entree with baba ghanouj, hommous with meat shawarma, and a side of French fries and only came out spending $25.00.  Each meal is also served with a heaping pile of pickles.

Hamido Chicken ShawarmaThe chicken shawarma entree was piled high with succulent, shaved chicken and a very large helping of baba ghanouj.  My 1.5 year old son loved the pita and chicken shawarma together with a little garlic sauce.  I highly recommend you ask for the garlic sauce it is so tasty!  I plan to make some for everyday use.  There was so much food we were able to make two more meals out of all the shawarma, pita, hommous, and baba ghanouj!

Hamido Garlic Sauce, French Fries, and pickles

If you happened to find yourself in the Detroit metro area you must have the chicken shawarma at Hamido’s.  It will definitely change your mind about Lebanese food.  I’ve added this to the list of “must visits” when making the trip to Grandma’s.

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