Laid Back Poke Shack (Holladay, UT)

So first I must say that I love poke.  I absolutely love the flavor of it and I’ve even made it at home.  So of course you know I was surprised that in the middle of snow ski country, I came across a restaurant serving poke.  For those of you who don’t know poke (poh-kay) is a Hawaiian dish consisting of marinated raw fish, usually tuna, and served over rice or cabbage.

So when I saw Laid Back Poke Shack appear on Yelp with excellent reviews, I knew I had to try it.  So I summoned Uber and made the trip.  Laid Back Poke Shack is located in a strip mall in Holladay.  It has a very unassuming exterior but don’t let that fool you.  When you walk inside you are greeted by the very friendly staff who explain to you what poke is and the types of poke they have.  The have traditional (raw) poke and cooked poke.  You are even able to taste the different types of poke available.  After sampling the Spicy Ahi Poke, the Shoyu Poke, and the Sweet Chili Shrimp.  I settled on the Spicy Ahi Poke (because it had just the right amount of wasabi spice) and the Kalua Pig.  Oh did I mention they also have succulent Kalua Pig?  I got both served over white rice and cabbage, which is considered a small.

Laid Back Poke ShackThe Spicy Ahi Poke had excellent flavor.  The tuna was high quality and the seasoning was perfect with a nice little kick on the end.  The Kalua pig was shredded pork butt seasoned lightly but full of flavor.  The flavors of the tuna and the pork combined in the bowl and absorbed into the rice.  It was ta-sty!  I washed this all down with a Pass-O-Guava Hawaiian Sun Drink.  If I closed my eyes and ignored the cold/snow/ice, I almost felt like I was in Hawaii.

Laid Back Poke Shack PokeIf you get a chance you have to visit Laid Back Poke Shack while in Holladay, Utah or Salt Lake City, Utah (they have two locations so you have no excuse).

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