Pallookaville Fine Foods (Avondale, GA)

**So first let me say this may be a biased review because I absolutely love corn dogs and Pallookaville has amazing corn dogs!**

I generally pass through downtown Avondale Estates maybe 2-3 times a month on my way to DeKalb Farmer’s Market.  On my way, I always take in the empty store fronts and of course driving the speed limit because Avondale Estates police are notorious for giving out speeding tickets.

PallookavilleA few months ago I noticed a new restaurant opening in the old Print Shop space.  Parked next to it was a food truck with the words Pallookaville Fine Foods, World Famous Corn Dogs.  At that moment, I knew I had to visit Pallookaville once they opened.  I absolutely love corn dogs, especially all beef corn dogs.  When I finally had the chance to step into Pallookaville, I was pleasantly surprised!  Vintage toys line the walls, there is a full bar, and vintage cartoons and kids shows are played on the mounted televisions.  Not only do they have corn dogs but they also have egg creams, hand-dipped milkshakes, custom syrup sodas, pork burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

Since I love corn dogs and kielbasa I opted for the Corndogski with an orange custom soda.  My husband got a corndogula (a corn dog with a 100% beef frank) and a Sriracha milk shake.  (That is correct, a Sriracha milk shake).  We opted to split an order of pastramied French fries (basically French fries with pastrami on top) and half sour pickles as an appetizer.

Pallookaville Sriracha MilkshakeI’m sure you are waiting to hear about the Sriracha milk shake so I’ll start there.  My husband absolutely loves Sriracha.  He puts it on everything from eggs and rice to pot roast.  The milk shake contained molasses, sriracha, candied ginger, toasted coconut, and coffee ice cream.  However, he could only take 3 sips before he told the waitress he couldn’t take anymore!  The milk and sriracha just didn’t mix well.  In one sip, you get the taste of milk shake then hot sriracha flavor.

On to the corn dogs.  My corndogski was good and an excellent size.  The kielbasa and cornbread coating had excellent flavor.  However, the skin on the kielbasa was very tough so when you bite through the corn dog it can be difficult to make a clean bite.  But as a kielbasa lover, the concept and flavor were excellent!  It went very well with my orange soda which was tasty.  Next time I will try to mix flavors to see what interesting concoctions I can come up with.  Also, because they have an open bar you can make it an adult beverage (even the shakes and egg creams)!

Pallookaville CorndogskiThe corndogula was tasty!  No skin issues associated with the corn dog and the beef flavor was very good!  I would definitely get the corndogula again and maybe double dipped just for kicks.

Pallookaville CorndogulaLast stop the pastramied fries.  The fries came to the table with slices of pastrami on top and a side of Graveyard Dust.  The Graveyard Dust is a mixture of spices.  I would have thought the pastrami would have been chopped on top of the hand cut fries.  It wasn’t it was sliced which didn’t really go well with the fries or lead to the ability to eat the French fries with a fork.  So it was more of a bite of French fry then a bite of pastrami.  So in my book that is not pastramied french fries, just French fries with slices of pastrami on top.  Don’t get me wrong though it was very tasty!

Pallookaville french friesI almost forgot about the half sour pickles (that must tell you I didn’t think they were that impressive).  So to me they didn’t taste half sour, they tasted full sour!  My husband loved them and actually sprinkled Graveyard Dust on the pickles.  I think next time I’ll pass.

Pallookaville Pickles

All in all, I absolutely loved Pallookaville and would definitely be back in order to try the rest of their extensive menu.

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